How do I check the status of my ERC claim?

To check the status of your ERC claim, you should contact the IRS directly.

You can call the IRS helpline at (800) 829-4933. Have your employer ID number, Social Security number and tax return information available. They will provide a general update if they received the form. Please note that due to high demand, the IRS helpline may experience longer hold times, but it remains a reliable way to inquire about your claim status.

Alternatively, you can check the status of your ERC claim online by visiting the ‘Get Refund Status‘ page. If your ERC provider has a CAF number, they can log into the IRS portal and check your ERC refund status.

What Is a CAF Number?

A CAF number is a unique nine-digit identification number that the IRS uses to keep track of authorized third-party tax service providers. It stands for Centralized Authorization File, and all legitimate tax servicers must have a CAF number in order to submit legal documents to the IRS on your company’s behalf. This ensures that the ERC provider is authorized by the IRS to provide tax services.


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